Lets Your Pet Strut Their Stuff in This Stunning Peacock Costume


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Get your pet ready to steal the show in this fabulous peacock costume from Pretty as a Peacock! Available in a large size that fits most dogs and cats, this costume transforms your furry friend into a majestic tropical bird.

The shimmering blue and green plush fabric is accented with an iridescent tail featuring actual peacock feathers. An elastic neckline and velcro closures make it easy to get on and off.

Whether you have a party, trick or treating, a photo shoot or any special event, this peacock costume will turn heads! The vibrant colors and real feathers are sure to make your pet the belle of the ball.

Let your cat or dog channel their inner diva and strut their stuff in this glamorous costume. They’ll love swishing the full tail as they show off just how beautiful they are.

Surprise your pet with this fabulous peacock costume that lets them spread their wings and steal the spotlight. It’s the perfect way for your furry friend to make a bold, colorful statement!


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