Keep Fido Standing Tall for Stress-Free Grooming with the Pet Grooming Loops No Sit Haunch Holder


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Tired of Fido squirming, fidgeting and trying to sit during grooming sessions? Introducing the ingenious Pet Grooming Loops No Sit Haunch Holder – the perfect solution to keep your pooch securely in place for stress-free grooming, bathing and more!

As any pet owner knows, grooming can be a challenge when your furry friend won’t sit still. The constant motion makes it nearly impossible to cut their hair neatly or give them a thorough wash. Not to mention the risk of nicks, cuts or other injuries when they jerk around unexpectedly. Forget the struggle with the clever no sit haunch holder design of the Pet Grooming Loops.

Hands-Free Convenience for Professionals and Home Groomers

The Pet Grooming Loops consist of two adjustable nylon restraint straps that keep your dog standing comfortably in place. One strap gently controls the head while the other securely holds the hindquarters. This no sit positioning frees up both hands to clip, trim, bathe and dry without interruption. No more chasing a wet dog around the tub!

The hassle-free haunch holder function helps professional pet groomers work efficiently and safely. It also enables DIY home grooming by pet parents who don’t have assistants. Give your dog their best haircut and shampoo ever with the help of the convenient Pet Grooming Loops.

Customizable Fit for All Breeds and Sizes

The Pet Grooming Loops are designed to accommodate dogs of all shapes and sizes. Each nylon restraint strap is fully adjustable from 22 to 42 inches long.

The quick-release acrylic slides let you easily loosen or tighten each loop until it’s perfect for your pet. Get a custom comfortable fit for tiny terriers to large Labradors and everything in between. The bold slide lock prevents backing out once adjusted.

High Quality Durable Construction

These are heavy duty grooming loops built to last through countless grooming sessions. The straps are constructed from 2cm wide rugged nylon webbing that withstands pulling and friction.

The secure bolt snap double retaining rings on the end clips are strong enough even for big dogs. The colorful patterned nylon adds a fun pop of brightness to your grooming routine.

Safely Control Position for Grooming Tasks

The no sit design of the Pet Grooming Loops has many advantages when it’s time to groom your dog:

  • Holds your dog in an upright standing position rather than sitting
  • Enables access to the back, belly and rear areas
  • Prevents sudden sitting that could cause injury
  • Removes risk of falling off the grooming table
  • Reduces wiggly movements that interrupt grooming
  • Controls jumping down before the grooming is complete

Give yourself the confidence to safely work on any part of your dog with both hands free. No more chasing a soapy slippery dog around the tub!

Relieve Stress and Fatigue for Your Pooch

The no sit design isn’t just convenient for you – it also provides important wellness benefits for your dog. Standing with support from the haunch holder is much healthier than forcing your dog to sit for long periods of time.

The Pet Grooming Loops help relieve:

  • Joint, hip and back pain from prolonged sitting
  • Discomfort for senior, arthritic or disabled dogs
  • Frustration and overexcitement from active pups

Give your best friend a more pleasant grooming experience with the Pet Grooming Loops no sit haunch holder.

Get Professional Results at Home!

Salon-quality grooming is easier than ever with the Pet Grooming Loops. No special skills or training required!

The adjustable restraint straps enable anyone to hold a dog in place for a smooth grooming session. Make DIY pet grooming easy and safe with these must-have bath time helpers.

Use the handy Pet Grooming Loops for:

  • Haircuts
  • Nail trimming
  • Teeth brushing
  • Ear cleaning
  • Shampooing
  • Drying fluffy coats

Stop dreading grooming days. Keep your dog comfortable and make your own job easier with the Pet Grooming Loops No Sit Haunch Holder!

Order the Ultimate Grooming Assistant Now!

Never fight to bathe a dog again! The Pet Grooming Loops enable professional pet stylists and amateur home groomers alike to work efficiently, safely and stress-free.

Buy now to make grooming hassle-free for you and comfortable for your dog. This handy grooming tool will make both of you look forward to bath time.

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