Introducing The Raw Beef Bounty – Premium Frozen Raw Dog and Cat Food Made With 100% Grass-Fed Beef


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Give your dog or cat the gift of health with The Raw Beef Bounty, our signature blend of premium raw frozen dog and cat food crafted from nutrient-dense, grass-fed beef. This succulent pet food roll is irresistible to even the pickiest of pups and kitties.

Sourced from family-owned farms in Indiana, The Raw Beef Bounty contains only the freshest, highest quality beef to mirror your pet’s natural, biologically appropriate diet. This single-protein recipe has no fillers, preservatives or other junk – just pure, all-natural nutrition.

The Raw Beef Bounty will boost your furry friend’s health from nose to tail with:

80% muscle meat to support lean muscle growth and maintenance
10% organ meat for vital nutrients not found in muscle meat
10% raw bone for healthy teeth and gums
This complete and balanced formula provides all the proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals your dog or cat needs to thrive. The ample iron, copper and zinc promote a healthy immune system while taurine and L-carnitine support heart health.

Your pet will savor every morsel of this savory frozen food with the rich, meaty aroma and flavor of fresh, raw grass-fed beef. This wholesome recipe will keep your dog or cat satisfied all day long.

Serving up this nutritious feast is a breeze. Simply thaw and serve, or partially thaw in the fridge overnight and slice off patties. The 1-lb roll packs conveniently in the freezer and makes the perfect protein rotation for multi-pet homes.

As pet parents ourselves, we know how much your fur babies mean to you. That’s why we go the extra mile to produce the safest, highest quality raw food. The Raw Beef Bounty is made in the USA in our own USDA-inspected human-grade facility under strict quality controls. We proudly stand behind every batch, guaranteeing your total satisfaction.

Give your precious pup or kitty the natural nutrition they crave with The Raw Beef Bounty. With each mouthwatering bite, you can feel confident knowing you’re providing the species-appropriate diet they need to thrive. This pet superfood delivers unbeatable quality at an incredible value.

Your dog or cat can enjoy the taste and health benefits of our premium raw food for less than $3 a day! Give them the nutritional foundation they deserve with The Raw Beef Bounty. Order a case now and your furry best friend will thank you!


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