Give Your Furry Friend the Gift of Nutrition with Raw Paws Whole Goat Milk Powder


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The All-Natural, Made in USA Goat Milk Supplement Loaded with Probiotics and Nutrients

Is your canine or feline companion not getting all the nutritional support they need for optimal health and happiness? Do they suffer from food allergies, itchy skin, or joint pain? Then it’s time to try Raw Paws Whole Goat Milk Powder, the completely natural, made in the USA supplement that provides pets with a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, probiotics and more.

Formulated with one key ingredient – whole raw goat’s milk from pasture-raised California goats – this powder provides the same nutritional benefits as fresh goat’s milk in an easy to store and serve format. Simply add water to reconstitute into a milk drink or sprinkle the powder directly onto your pet’s food. It can also be served daily as a nutritional supplement on its own.

Nourish Your Pet Naturally with the Nutritional Benefits of Raw Goat Milk

Goat’s milk has long been used as a wholesome nutritional supplement for pets and people. This powdered goat milk delivers those same advantages to your dog or cat in a convenient dry format.

What makes goat’s milk so beneficial? Here are some of the key nutrients and compounds:

  • 13% fat compared to 3.7% in cow’s milk – provides energy and supports skin and coat
  • High in medium chain fatty acids like capric and caprylic acids – support digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Rich in calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D – for bone health
  • Loaded with vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E
  • Higher in selenium, niacin, and magnesium than cow’s milk
  • Contains prebiotics to feed probiotics and support microbiome health
  • Abundant in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) – an anti-inflammatory fatty acid
  • Contains oligosaccharides and nucleotides – support immune function

This natural nutritional content makes goat’s milk easier to digest than cow’s milk. The nutrients are also more bioavailable to your pet’s body.

Plus, goat’s milk has a pH level close to dogs’ and cats’ own digestive pH making absorption faster. Within just 20 minutes of drinking goat milk, your pet will start reaping the benefits!

Probiotic Power to Soothe Digestive Upset and Boost Immunity

One of the key advantages of raw goat milk for pets is the high level of probiotics or “good bacteria.” These live microorganisms help populate the gut with a healthy microbiome – the community of bacteria living in the intestines.

Probiotics provide multiple benefits for your four-legged companions including:

  • Improved digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • Relief of gastrointestinal upset like diarrhea or constipation
  • Protection against infection-causing pathogens
  • Calming of inflammation in the gut
  • Regulation of the immune system

The probiotics in goat milk can do far more than any supplement pill because they are encased in milk fat which allows the bacteria to survive digestion. Plus, probiotics work together with the prebiotics in milk to proliferate.

This superior boost of probiotics will have your pet’s tummy – and immune system – in tip-top shape. No more GI issues or sick days!

Alleviate Itchy Skin, Allergies, and Joint Pain

If your pet suffers from chronic skin irritations, ear infections, hot spots, or achy joints, goat milk could provide the relief they need naturally.

How does it help? The probiotics support a healthy gut and balanced microbiome. An imbalanced microbiome causes inflammation which underlies many skin conditions, food allergies, and joint pain.

The caprylic acid in goat milk also works as a natural yeast fighter. Yeast overgrowth leads to irritated skin, goopy ears, and itching. Caprylic acid destroys problem-causing yeast and bacteria.

Finally, enzymes like lysozyme and lactoferrin in milk reduce swelling and discomfort in joints. The rich array of vitamins and minerals also support bone and joint health.

With this chemical-free supplement, you can simultaneously nourish your pet and address many chronic issues. Say goodbye to antihistamines and pain pills!

Made in the USA from Happy California Goats

Raw Paws Whole Goat Milk Powder is made right here in the United States. We source our dairy only from humanely raised, pasture-fed goats on family farms in California.

The goats enjoy a cruelty-free lifestyle roaming and grazing freely. Their milk is handled according to the strictest standards using low-heat dehydration technology that preserves all the natural nutritional elements.

You can feel good knowing your pet’s supplement comes from happy animals and sustainable practices, not factory farming. We never use growth hormones, antibiotics or other additives – just pure raw goat’s milk.

A Healthy, Digestible Alternative to Cow Milk

While cow milk is a no-go for cats and dogs, goat milk provides the nutritional benefits without the discomfort. Cow milk contains too much lactose and casein causing digestive upset.

Goat milk has less lactose and the protein fragments are smaller and more digestible. That means no tummy troubles or diarrhea! It also won’t exacerbate respiratory issues like cow milk.

This powder offers all the perks of raw goat milk in a convenient dry form. It eliminates concerns about fluid milk spoilage while retaining all the nutrients.

Just mix with water and pour over food, add to a drink, or serve it dry right out of the packet. It’s the easy way to make goat milk part of your pet’s diet.

Give Your Pet the Gift of Good Nutrition

Goat milk has been used for centuries as a nourishing tonic. Now your own kitty or pup can reap the benefits with Raw Paws Whole Goat Milk Powder.

This all-natural supplement is loaded with vitamins, minerals, probiotics and bioavailable protein perfect for pets. It can improve digestion, immunity, skin and coat health, allergy response, joint comfort and more.

Made from humanely raised goats in the USA, you can feel good about this clean source of pet nutrition. Just a scoop a day in your pet’s diet will lead to healthy happiness.

See the positive transformation in your furry companion once you start supplementing with probiotic-packed goat milk. Their mood, vitality, skin, and belly will thank you!

We’ll Make it Right if You’re Not 100% Satisfied

We stand behind our raw goat milk powder because we’ve seen the amazing benefits for pets firsthand. We want your cat or dog to thrive while enjoying our USA-sourced formula.

If for any reason you and your pet aren’t completely satisfied, we’ll provide a full refund or replacement. No need to return the bag – just contact us. We aim to make every customer and pet happy.

Give your furry friend the gift of goat milk nutrition. Order Raw Paws Whole Goat Milk Powder today and start supporting their health naturally. Your dog or cat will be wagging their tail as they reap the benefits!


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