Give Your Fur-Babies a Tasty and Nutritious Boost with Raw Paws Goat Milk Powder!


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Introducing the Raw Paws Boost Pet Food Topper Goat Milk Powder – A Superfood Sprinkle That Will Have Your Pets Begging for Mealtime!

Is your dog or cat a picky eater, barely touching their kibble or canned food? Do you wish you could add more vitamins, minerals and nutrients into their diet? Then you and your furry friends will love Raw Paws Boost Goat Milk Powder!

This powdered goat milk superfood can be sprinkled onto any type of pet food to add a tasty, tempting flavor and nutrition boost. It’s made with 100% natural goat’s milk from grass-fed American goats with no preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Just a sprinkle or two over your pet’s meals adds a rich, creamy goat milk taste that even the fussiest dogs and cats love. It quickly absorbs into wet and dry food with no mess or waste.

But this isn’t just a yummy flavor enhancer – goat milk provides a powerhouse of nutritional benefits for your beloved companions! Here’s why you should add Raw Paws Goat Milk Powder into your pet’s daily menu:

Loaded with Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Goat milk contains higher amounts of vitamins, minerals and trace elements compared to cow’s milk. It’s rich in calcium and phosphorous for strong bones and teeth, as well as potassium for heart health.

Other essential vitamins found in goat milk include Vitamin A for eyesight, Vitamin B Complex to support metabolism and nutrient absorption, Vitamin D for calcium absorption and immune support, and Vitamin E for antioxidant protection.

An Abundance of Healthy Fatty Acids

Goat milk is a great source of medium chain fatty acids caprylic, capric and caproic acids. These fatty acids provide pets with an immediate energy boost while supporting the immune system and overall health.

It also contains the essential fatty acids linoleic and arachidonic acids. Linoleic acid helps regulate inflammation while arachidonic acid supports brain development and function.

Plus, the MCFAs in goat milk are more easily digested than the longer chain fatty acids found in cow’s milk. This makes goat milk easier on your pet’s sensitive stomach.

More Digestive Enzymes and Prebiotics

Goat milk naturally contains digestive enzymes and prebiotics that aren’t found in cow’s milk. This includes the prebiotic oligosaccharide, which acts as food for probiotics.

These components aid digestion, improve gut health and balance, increase nutrient absorption, and support the immune system. The MCFAs also give an energy boost without causing blood sugar spikes.

The prebiotics and probiotics in Raw Paws Goat Milk Powder can help dogs and cats with digestive issues, including:

Upset stomach
Lactose intolerance
Irritable bowel syndrome
A Gentle Yet Rich Protein Source

Goat milk protein has a finer curd size than cow milk protein, making it gentler on the stomach and easier to digest.

The protein in goat milk provides pets with a steady supply of amino acids to help maintain and repair muscles, organs, skin and coat health. This makes it great for senior pets or those with food sensitivities.

Supports Immune System Function

The natural vitamins, fatty acids, enzymes and nutrients in goat milk help boost immune health in dogs and cats.

Pets who regularly consume goat milk tend to have fewer infections, a healthy gut microbiome and balanced inflammatory response. It’s an excellent supplement for pets who are ill or have chronic health conditions.

Compatible With Various Diets

Raw Paws Goat Milk Powder can augment any type of diet to provide extra nutrition:

Dry kibble – Sprinkle over kibble to add moisture and flavor
Wet/canned food – Mix in or drizzle over wet food
Raw food – Add to raw or freeze-dried mixes
Home cooked -Blend into homemade food for added nutrients
It’s also suitable for pets with specialized diets:

Limited ingredient
Sensitive stomach
Weight management
Convenient and Mess-Free

The powdered goat milk comes in a shaker bottle with a flip-top lid. Just shake, flip open and sprinkle the desired amount onto your pet’s food.

There’s no powder mess, wasted product or need to mix with water if you don’t want to. However, you can also choose to quickly reconstitute it into a goat milk “gravy” to pour over kibble or raw food.

The shaker bottle provides 45 easy applications. One bottle typically lasts 1.5 to 2 months for a 50 lb dog.

Made in USA from Grass-Fed Goats

Raw Paws Boost Goat Milk Powder is made in the USA from an award-winning goat dairy farm. Their goats are raised on green pastures and never given hormones, antibiotics or GMOs. This ensures a high-quality, nutritious and humanely-sourced goat milk.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is goat milk better than cow milk for dogs and cats?

Goat milk contains less lactose and more easily digestible fats and proteins than cow milk. This makes it gentler on pets’ stomachs. It also has higher amounts of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that provide more nutritional benefits.

Is goat milk good for older pets?

Yes, goat milk is an excellent supplement for senior dogs and cats. It’s packed with nutrients yet gentle on the stomach. The fatty acids support cognitive function while vitamins and minerals help maintain organ, bone and joint health.

Can you feed goat milk to puppies and kittens?

Goat milk makes a healthy addition to juvenile pets’ diets. The digestible protein aids growth and development. But always mix with their regular food, not as a sole meal replacement. Check with your vet first.

How much goat milk should I feed my pet?

Start with a sprinkle or two over food once or twice a day. Adjust amount based on your pet’s weight, adding up to 1 tsp per 10 lbs body weight daily. Too much can cause diarrhea. Monitor your pet’s stools and energy levels when introducing.

Are there any side effects of feeding my pet goat milk?

When introduced slowly, most pets tolerate goat milk well. Possible side effects include softened stools, diarrhea or digestive upset. This usually resolves after their gut adjusts. Stop use if diarrhea persists and consult your veterinarian.

How long does one bottle last?

One 3.1 oz bottle contains approximately 45 servings. For a 50 lb dog, a bottle typically lasts 1.5 to 2 months when used daily. Adjust according to your pet’s size and feeding frequency.

Do I have to mix with water?

No – you can sprinkle the powder directly onto any type of food. But you can also quickly reconstitute into a goat milk gravy using approx. 1 tsp powder to 1 tbsp water.

Give your dogs and cats the nutritional boost they deserve with Raw Paws Goat Milk Powder! This tasty topper will add flavor and variety while providing vitamins, minerals, enzymes and prebiotics.

Sprinkle over any food for picky eaters or pets needing a nutritional boost. Use daily for gentle digestibility and immune support. Made from 100% American grass-fed goat milk with no preservatives or fillers.

We’re confident your furry companions will love the taste and you’ll love the benefits. However, if you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, we offer a full money-back guarantee.

Order a shaker bottle today and start boosting your pet’s nutrition and health with Raw Paws Goat Milk Powder!


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