Festive Pet Bow Tie Collar Charms – 10 Plaid Designs for Your Dog’s Special Occasions


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Make every day a celebration for your pup with this set of 10 festive plaid bow tie collar charms! These whimsical accessories add a pop of preppy personality to your dog’s look for any occasion.

Whether it’s a birthday party, a wedding, picnic in the park, or just a fun outing, your pooch will look so dapper sporting one of these bow ties. The versatile plaids complement any collar color and the bright, cheerful patterns reflect your dog’s playful spirit.

Designed to fit medium and large breed dogs like Labs, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, and more, these bow ties make the perfect accessories for your goodest boy or girl. The elastic straps slide easily onto your dog’s collar, while the soft, smooth polyester fabric ensures maximum comfort.

At approximately 4.8 inches long and 2.5 inches wide, these bow ties are sized right for your dog to strut their stuff in style. Just loop the 1.37 to 1.57 inch elastic band over your dog’s collar and adjust it to sit centered like a real necktie. Whether they’re prancing around or posing for pet parents, your pup will exude charm and whimsy.

With 10 different plaids to mix and match, you can coordinate your dog’s bow tie to every occasion. The variety of colors and patterns ensures you’ll have the perfect complement no matter what the event. Dress them to the nines for a doggie wedding party or add a pop of color to a basic collar for everyday adventures.

Pampered pups will adore being part of the fun with these accessory bow ties. The soft, smooth polyester fabric makes them comfy for constant wear. The adorable plaid patterns add personality but won’t overwhelm your pet. These bow ties help express your dog’s unique spirit.

Designed for versatility, these bow ties for dogs have countless uses beyond collars:

Collar Charms
Slide a bow tie onto your dog’s collar as a quick accent piece for any event.


Loop the elastic band around your dog’s collar to hold the bow tie in place like a real necktie.

Hair Clip
Use the elastic to clip the bow tie onto headbands for little girls.

Car Decoration
Attach a bow tie to your dog’s safety belt to brighten up car rides.

Crate or Kennel Decoration
Hang a bow tie charm inside your dog’s crate or kennel for a pop of color.

Leash Decoration
Clip a bow tie onto your dog leash for extra flair on walks.

Photo Prop
Have your pup pose with bow ties for cute birthday, holiday, or pet photography sessions.

With 10 bow ties to mix and match, your dog will have a different plaid pattern to show off every month of the year. Each design is unique to complement your pup’s own one-of-a-kind personality.

These bow ties make great gifts for pet owners and animal lovers. Surprise your favorite dog mom or dad with this set of 10 collar charms so their precious pup can strut in style all year long.

Pamper your pet with the gift of good fashion. Shop now for our set of 10 plaid bow tie collar charms and get your dog runway ready for any occasion!


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