Dr. Fremont’s Custom Pet ID Tags – The Ultimate in Protection and Identification for Your Furry Family Members


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Keep your furry friends safe with Dr. Fremont’s custom pet ID tags! These high-quality, personalized tags allow you to provide your pets with proper identification, so they can always find their way home.

Peace of Mind With Durable, Long-Lasting Materials

Dr. Fremont’s uses aircraft-grade aluminum to create pet ID tags that are lightweight yet extremely durable. The anodized metal protects against fading and wear, keeping your custom text bold and clear even after years of your pet’s daily adventures. Forget flimsy silicone or stainless steel – our aluminum dog tags can withstand even the most active lifestyles.

Customize Every Detail For a Truly One-of-a-Kind Tag

Make your pet’s ID tag truly unique by customizing every detail:

  • Choose from 7 shapes and sizes – from a petite kitty face to a large circle or bone shape for bigger breeds
  • Pick from 8 vibrant anodized colors like blue, purple, pink or classic silver
  • Add custom text on both sides of the tag – include your pet’s name, your name and phone number, even a short message!
  • Select font styles and sizes for the text
  • Add fun icons and symbols like hearts, bones, flowers and more

With so many options, you can create a tag that’s perfectly suited to your pet’s personality. Need an understated ID tag for your refined feline? Choose a sleek cat head shape in sophisticated silver or black. Want something playful for your energetic pup? Go with bright colors and fun fonts. There are so many ways to customize!

Quality Construction for Optimal Performance

Dr. Fremont’s doesn’t just make great-looking pet tags – we craft tags designed for durability and performance:

  • Made from a solid piece of aircraft aluminum – no cheap plating or laminating
  • Anodized color is infused right into the aluminum – can’t scratch or peel off
  • Text is laser engraved into the metal – won’t fade or wear away
  • Sides are smoothly polished – no sharp edges to snag or scratch
  • Comes with a sturdy split ring – attaches securely to collar

Our detailed construction ensures the tag withstands your pet’s daily activities while providing reliable, long-lasting identification.

Designed and Crafted In the USA

Dr. Fremont’s takes pride in creating high quality products right here in the USA. We use state-of-the-art laser engraving machines to precisely etch the custom details you ordered onto durable, aircraft-grade American aluminum. You can trust the entire tag-making process adheres to strict quality control.

More Than Just a Tag – Lifesaving Identification!

A customized pet ID tag is about more than just accessorizing your furry friend. It can provide essential identification and even help save your pet’s life. If your dog or cat ever gets lost, a clearly labeled tag makes it easy for others to contact you and get your pet home safely. Dr. Fremont’s durable materials ensure your custom info stays readable even after years outdoors. Investing in a personalized ID tag is one of the best things you can do to protect your pet.

Reasons to Choose Dr. Fremont’s:

  • Aircraft grade aluminum construction – durable & lightweight
  • Vibrant anodized color infused into metal – won’t fade or scratch
  • Laser engraved text won’t wear away
  • 8 colors and 7 shapes/sizes to choose from
  • Fully customizable text and icons on front & back
  • Smooth polished edges – no sharp corners
  • Split ring for easy attachment
  • Designed, crafted & shipped from the USA

Don’t settle for flimsy pet tags that fail when you need them most. Dr. Fremont’s custom engraved IDs provide long-lasting protection you can rely on. With our variety of shapes, colors and design options, you can create a stylish tag that perfectly matches your pet’s personality.

Choose the size, shape, color and custom details that speak to you – and protect your furry family member with an ID tag crafted to last. Shop now for custom pet tags from Dr. Fremont’s!


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