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Give your furry friend a burst of color with the PETCARE Cute Bow Tie Dog Harness and Leash Set. This adorable rainbow gradient harness will make your pup stand out on their daily walks and photoshoots.

A Puppy Rainbow

Dress your small dog up in this vibrant rainbow gradient harness for a fun pop of color. The brightly colored stripes are eye catching and will make your pup the center of attention. The rainbow colors are creatively arranged in an ombre fade that transitions seamlessly from red to purple.

Whether you have a male or female pup, this rainbow harness is a unisex design that is perfect for any breed. The colorful stripes give it a joyful, playful look that will put a smile on your face.

Soft, Breathable Comfort

While the rainbow colors are eye catching, this harness is also thoughtfully designed for your dog’s comfort. It is made from soft, breathable mesh that gently hugs your dog without irritating their skin or restricting their movement.

The lightweight mesh material makes this harness ideal for year-round wear. The open weave allows air to freely circulate, keeping your dog cool on hot summer walks but also providing warmth in the fall and winter.

There are no rough edges or cheap hardware that will scrape against your dog’s coat. The seamless design eliminates friction points, for a smooth harness that will never chafe your pup’s skin.

Customizable Fit

Getting a proper fit is important for both comfort and security when walking your dog. This harness has adjustable straps to provide a customized size for your pup.

Slip the harness over your dog’s head and use the quick release buckles on the belly strap and neck strap to find your dog’s ideal fit. The four adjustment points let you tweak the size around the chest and neck until it is gently secured without limiting your dog’s movement.

The harness is designed to sit low across the chest, avoiding pressure on the trachea that can restrict breathing. Once adjusted, the secure fit will keep the harness safely in place without slipping or twisting during use.

No Pull Design

Do you have an energetic pup that loves to dash and dart on walks? This front clip harness can help reduce pulling for a calmer, more controlled walk.

The leash attaches to a ring on the front of the harness rather than the back. This steering effect redirects your dog back towards you if they begin to pull. With consistent use, it gently discourages pulling by removing the reward of moving forward when straining against the leash.

The no pull design also protects delicate throats by evenly distributing pressure across the chest instead of the neck when dogs lunge against the leash. This reduces choking, coughing, and gagging from force on the trachea.

Matching Rainbow Leash Included

Complete the colorful puppy look with the included coordinating rainbow leash. The 5 foot leash features the same vibrant gradient pattern as the harness so you can walk your dog in style.

The leash clasp easily attaches to both the front and back of the harness for versatility. Use it on the front O-ring for greater control over pulling dogs or attach it on the back for relaxed walks with well behaved pups.

The leash is made from durable nylon webbing with a sturdy zinc alloy snap hook that securely attaches to the harness. Take hold of the rope hand loop for comfortable strolls around the neighborhood.

Fun for Photos

Planning a pet birthday party or photoshoot? This bright rainbow harness will provide an eye catching backdrop for photos and videos with your furry friend.

The vibrant stripes pop against both light and dark colored coats. The colors look great with any pet hair shade from snow white to jet black.

Pose your pup against colorful outdoor scenery and let them become the center of attention. The rainbow gradient plays well off natural backdrops like spring flowers, green grass, fall leaves, or blue water.

Sizing Guide

To find the size that fits your petite pup, measure around the widest part of your dog’s chest using a flexible tape measure. Refer to the sizing guide below:

X-Small: Chest 13-17 inches – for tiny breeds like chihuahuas
Small: Chest 15-21 inches – for small breeds like yorkies
Medium: Chest 17-25 inches – best for pugs, shih tzus

The adjustable straps provide customization but be sure to choose the size closest to your initial chest measurement for proper neck and belly proportions.

This harness comes in three color combinations: pink, blue, and red. Choose your favorite bright rainbow gradient to show off your pup’s unique personality.

For the Small Dog Lover

If you have an affection for small dog breeds, this rainbow harness will appeal to your love of all things petite and puppy. The cute design suits tiny pups under 25 pounds, including:

Toy dog groups like chihuahuas, maltese, papillons
Miniature dogs such as dachshunds, poodles, schnauzers
Common small breeds like pugs, shih tzus, havanese
Yorkshire, pomeranian, cavalier king charles spaniels
French bulldogs, boston terriers, pomeranians
Make your little pup shine with this brightly colored small dog harness. The whimsical rainbow print and easy fit will have your tiny companion stepping out in style.

Add a Pop of Color

This PETCARE harness brings a burst of fun to your daily dog walks. The colorful gradient stripes add an eye catching detail to any pup’s wardrobe.

If your pooch tends to stick to plain solid color collars and leashes, this rainbow harness introduces vibrant variety to their accessories. The lighthearted pastel rainbow will make your dog look ready for fun and play.

Allow your pet’s personality to shine through with this cheery harness. With custom sizing for small breeds and its comfortable mesh fabric, your little dog will delight in showing off their new rainbow wear.


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