Cozy Winter Hoodie for Tiny Pups


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Keep your smallest furry friend warm and comfy all winter long with the SELMAI Fleece Dog Hoodie. This high-quality hoodie is specially designed for tiny dogs under 20 lbs, with a snug fit that wraps them in soft warmth.

Tailored for tiny canine bodies

Finding coats that fit miniature breeds can be a challenge. Most are sized for larger dogs and end up being big and baggy on petite pups. Not this fleece hoodie! It is purposefully sized for the smallest dogs, like Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Malteses, and more.

The hoodie comes in an extra extra small size, with measurements designed to hug your dog’s tiny body. The neck is 9 inches around, the back length is 8 inches, and the chest circumference is 12.5 inches. These compact dimensions ensure the hoodie doesn’t hang loosely off a little dog’s frame.

Cozy fleece material

This dog hoodie is made from super soft fleece fabric that provides insulation against chilly air. The fleece lining is plush and fluffy, giving your dog a comforting hug all day long. It traps their natural body heat close to the skin, keeping them nice and toasty even when temperatures drop.

The fleece is also lightweight and flexible. It allows full mobility so your pup can play and run comfortably, without restricted movement. The fabric is durable too, so this cozy hoodie will last through many winters of warmth and wear.

Adorable hooded design

How cute is that hood! This pup hoodie features an attached hood to cradle your dog’s head and velcro straps under the belly for a snug fit. Just slip it over their head and secure the straps for an instant dose of warmth and style.

The hood can be left up to envelop their head in fleecy comfort. Or folded down for a more casual look that still keeps the neck nice and warm. Either way, your tiny dog will look so adorable running around in their little hooded jacket.

Easy on and off

Getting clothes onto wiggly little dogs can be a challenge. That’s why this hoodie is designed for absolute ease. It simply slides right over the head and hooks up under the belly. No tricky limbs to navigate through sleeves or leg holes.

The velcro belly straps ensure a secure fit that won’t slide around, but still allows quick on and off. So even pet parents with squirmy pups will have no problem getting them into this coat and ready to head out the door.

Ideal for many breeds

Though specially sized for tiny dogs under 20 lbs, this hoodie is versatile enough to fit many different small breeds. It works great for:

Miniature Pinschers
Toy Poodles
Brussels Griffons
and other petite pup breeds
Really any dog under 20 lbs with a chest circumference of 12.5 inches or less can cuddle up in this cozy fleece hoodie.

Cute and practical

Don’t let your tiny dog shiver through another winter! Get them this warm and fuzzy fleece hoodie so they can relax in comfort all season long. It combines fashion and function to keep them looking cute while staying comfortable.

The tailored fit hugs their body better than bulky sweaters or jackets. So they’ll stay nice and warm without extra material hanging off their petite frame. The hood adds both warmth and style. Plus, the easy on/off design makes dressing even the wiggliest pup a breeze.

Give your beloved mini pup the gift of coziness with this SELMAI fleece dog hoodie. Order yours today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is sizing determined?

The sizing is based on actual chest measurements, not just a general size chart. Measure your dog around the widest part of their chest, and choose a size with a chest circumference 1-2 inches larger to allow room. Erring on the side of too big is better than too small.

What size should I get my dog?

Use the size chart and your dog’s chest measurement to determine the best fit. Keep in mind the hoodie runs small, so size up if your dog is near the top of a size’s range. For example, if your dog’s chest is 11 inches, choose size S instead of XS.

What if my measurements are in between sizes?

It’s recommended to size up to the next larger size if your dog’s measurements fall between sizes. You want to ensure they can move comfortably and that the hoodie is not too tight. A little room to grow into is ideal.

Can I put a sweater under this hoodie?

Yes, a light sweater or shirt can be layered under this hoodie for additional warmth. Just account for the extra layer when determining size. But do not layer bulky or thick sweaters, as they may restrict movement.

How do I wash the hoodie?

This fleece hoodie can be machine washed cold and tumble dried low. Do not bleach or iron. To preserve the material, wash only when needed and avoid overdrying.

What breeds does this hoodie fit best?

It’s designed for dogs under 20 lbs, especially petite breeds like Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Malteses, Pomeranians, Mini Pinschers, Toy Poodles, Brussels Griffons, Papillons, and similar sized dogs. The chest measurement is most important.

Is this hoodie good for puppies?

Yes, it can be great for growing puppies! Just be sure to size up to allow room for growth. Regularly check the fit as your puppy grows. Hand wash and air dry only, as puppies outgrow clothes quickly.

Does this come in other colors?

Currently it is only available in grey, but additional colors may be offered in the future based on demand. Contact the seller to request or suggest new color options.


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