Adorn Your Pup with Beautiful Blossoms – Dog Collar Flower Charms 4 Pack


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Your pup is your pride and joy – a furry family member who brings happiness, comfort, and unconditional love into your life. As a dog owner, you want to pamper your pooch and make them look their best. Our charming pet collar flower accessories allow you to add a touch of floral beauty to your dog’s collar for any occasion!

Made from lightweight materials, these handcrafted 3 inch wide fabric flowers easily slide onto your dog’s existing collar to create a stylish new look. The elastic band on the back ensures a snug and secure fit. Choose from 4 bright, vibrant colors – pink, purple, blue, and yellow – to complement your dog’s coloring and personality.

Decorate your dog’s collar with these floral charms to celebrate holidays and special events all year round. Surprise your Valentine with a red or pink blossom on February 14. Celebrate your pup’s birthday by adding a fun flower to their collar before the party. Get festive for Christmas with a holiday-inspired poinsettia or poinsettia. Or simply decorate your dog’s everyday collar with a fresh flower for photo opportunities and outdoor adventures.

Dress your puppy up for weddings by matching the bridesmaid dresses with coordinated floral collar charms. These makepicture-perfect accessories for wedding photos with the ring bearer or flower girl. For more casual summer weddings and celebrations, decorate your dog’s collar with a bright, colorful flower like the yellow daisy charm.

Young girls will love picking out the perfect blooms to accessorize their furry best friend. The bright colors and feminine flair of the floral charms add a special girly touch to collars for girl pups. Surprise your daughter with a new collar flower for her doggy’s collar before a birthday party or just because. The flowers make great little gifts for young dog lovers.

Beyond special occasions, use these collar charms to accessorize your dog’s everyday looks. Choose flowers in colors that complement your pup’s fur or collar. For example, your chocolate lab would look sharp with a navy blue flower against their brown fur. Add our bright purple lilac charm to your Yorkie’s collar for a pop of color. Or try the pink peony on your Golden Retriever’s pink collar. The options are endless!

Handcrafted Details & Premium Quality

Our collar charms are carefully handmade by artisans who use only the best materials. The fabric flowers feature intricately cut and layered petals for a lush, realistic blossom look. Unlike cheap plastic alternatives, these fabric flowers have a softness that lays gently against your dog’s fur. The tidy stitching ensures the charms remain securely attached.

The lightweight flowers let your dog sport their new stylish look in total comfort. The flexible elastic stretches to fit most standard size dog collars from 0.5″ to 1.5″ wide. Your pup can run and play all day with no irritation from these lightweight blossom beauties.

Decorate Your Dog’s Collar in Style

Treat your dog to a stylish new look and accessorize their collar with beautiful floral charms. Available in a convenient multi-pack, these colorful blossoms allow you to coordinate different looks to match your dog’s personality and the occasion. Made from premium materials, our flower collar charms are built for durability and long-lasting enjoyment.

Decorate your dog’s everyday collar in style with beautiful blossoms!


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