Add Charm and Personality to Your Pet’s Collar with These Adorable Bowtie Collar Charms


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Give your puppy, small dog, cat, rabbit, or other small pet an extra dose of cuteness with these absolutely adorable collar charms! Shaped like miniature bowties and available in a wide range of classic colors and patterns, these charms attach easily to your pet’s existing collar to give their look a fun, whimsical upgrade.

With sizes that fit small and medium dog breeds, as well as cats, rabbits, and other pets, these 3.5″ x 1.7″ charms feature elastic rubber bands on the backside to slip right over collars up to 1.2 inches wide. The soft, smooth material ensures the charms won’t irritate your pet’s skin or get tangled in fur.

Add Personality and Style to Your Pet’s Look

Available in both solid colors and fun patterns like polka dots, plaids, and more, you can match your pet’s unique personality by choosing collar charms that complement their coloring and style. Or you can simply switch up their look daily by pairing different colors and patterns!

Give your pets extra flair for holidays and special occasions by dressing them up in festive colors and designs. Red and green for Christmas, pastels for Easter, red, white and blue for the 4th of July – the options are endless!

Perfect for Any Small Pet!

While these collar charms are sized for small and medium dog breeds, they also work wonderfully for cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, and other small pets.

The charm’s elastic rubber band slips easily over collars up to 1.2 inches wide and up to 3cm deep, accommodating everything from basic nylon collars to fancier materials.

High Quality Materials and Construction

These collar charms are thoughtfully constructed from soft, smooth materials that won’t irritate your pet’s skin. The elastic rubber band securely grips your pet’s collar to keep the charm safely in place, while still allowing for easy on/off.

The charm itself features tightly stitched, high quality materials shaped into adorable bowties with no rough or sharp edges. Plus, the rubber band is sturdy enough for regular use, ensuring the charms will last through all of your pet’s daily adventures.

Give Your Pet Extra Love and Attention

In addition to adding style to your pet’s look, these charms are also a great way to shower your furry friend with a little extra love! Adding a charm is an easy way to make your pet feel special, while also reflecting their colorful personality.

Give them a fancier collar for special occasions, or surprise them with a new charm just because. With so many color and pattern options, you’re sure to put a smile on their face!

Perfect for Pet Professionals Too!

Groomers, trainers, boarders, and other pet professionals will love having these collar charms on hand to give their client’s pets extra flair.

Add a dash of your own brand’s personality by picking colors and patterns that coordinate with your business. Use them for holidays, photo shoots, or just because. Your clients will appreciate the extra touch!

Get the Perfect Collar Charms for Your Pet

Bring out your pet’s colorful personality and give their collar an instant upgrade with these easy-to-use, fun bowtie collar charms. With classic color and pattern options sized for small dogs, cats, rabbits and more, you can match your pet’s unique style.

Super soft materials, sturdy elastic bands, and tightly stitched construction ensure these charms are made to last through all of your pet’s adventures. Give your furry friend a little extra love while making them look their best!


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