Our Humble Beginnings

Ryan’s Pet started out of a lifelong passion and love for animals. As a child, our founder Ryan could frequently be found bringing home stray dogs and cats, nursing sick or injured critters back to health, and spending hours reading about exotic pets. Ryan’s room was akin to a mini-zoo, much to his parents’ chagrin!

After studying veterinary medicine in college and working at a local animal clinic for several years, Ryan noticed a gap in the pet care market. Many pet owners were struggling to find quality yet affordable food, toys, and other essentials for their furry friends. Big box pet stores carried products from large national brands that didn’t always prioritize ingredients or ethical manufacturing. Local pet shops tended to sell premium products at relatively high prices.

Seeing an opportunity to make a difference, Ryan began hand-making natural treats and toys in his home kitchen and selling them at local farmers markets. He carefully sourced local, organic ingredients to craft nutritious, delicious pet foods. The toys were thoughtfully designed to stimulate pets’ minds and instincts.

Word quickly spread about the outstanding quality and uniqueness of Ryan’s products. Customers raved about how much their cats and dogs loved the treats and toys. Local pet boutiques soon came calling, requesting to carry Ryan’s growing product line. What started as a passion project was turning into a thriving business. The time had come to leave the veterinary clinic and devote himself full-time to Ryan’s Pet.

Putting Pets First

Our top priority has always been to do what’s best for pets. We formulate our foods to deliver optimum nutrition without any filler ingredients. We lab test our products for safety. We source ethically and sustainably. We never outsource manufacturing overseas. We donate a portion of profits to animal welfare groups. Our products are crafted to reflect the care and consideration we would want shown to our own pets.

We also prioritize educating pet parents on animal health, nutrition, enrichment, and training. Our blog provides a wealth of tips and advice to help pets live their happiest, healthiest lives. Our staff members have professional experience in veterinary medicine, animal behavior, rescue advocacy, and more, allowing us to provide science-based recommendations pet owners can trust.

Growing Our Family

As demand increased, Ryan brought on his childhood best friend James to manage business operations. The next hire was Angela, their most loyal customer and an animal lover herself, to head up marketing and customer service. Soon after, Rescue Rick came on board to oversee their growing wholesale distribution channel, leveraging his 30+ years of experience working in pet retail and rescue organizations.

Today, Ryan’s Pet has 35 passionate pet devotees contributing their diverse skills, from product development to graphic design to supply chain management and everything in between. They operate a state-of-the-art 20,000 sq ft manufacturing facility, distributing to over 2,000 retail partners globally. But the entire team still feels like one big extended family, bonded by their shared love of pets and commitment to improving their lives. They wouldn’t have it any other way!

At Ryan’s Pet, pets come first – both our furry customers and the office dogs who have free rein to roam, play fetch, or curl up by our feet as we work. Laughter fills the air along with the squeaking of the latest toy prototype being rigorously tested. Our staff lounge doubles as a cat playroom, with climbing posts, hidey-holes, and all kinds of toys to bat around. Dogs of all shapes and sizes enthusiastically greet newcomers and playfully vie for belly rubs. Take one step through our doors, and you’ll instantly feel the passionate, fun-loving vibe that permeates everything we do.

Quality Without Compromise

Maintaining exceptional quality standards is integral to our mission. Our experienced production staff understand how one small change in ingredients or technique can impact the end product. We diligently monitor every step of the design and manufacturing process to ensure consistency and excellence.

We thoroughly vet each of our suppliers, many of whom we’ve developed longstanding partnerships with. We regularly visit their facilities to ensure transparency and accountability. Whether sourcing free-range venison for our Limited Ingredient dog food or selecting durable cotton canvas for plush squeak toys, we take tremendous care in our selections.

Rigorous lab testing on raw materials, during production, and with final products helps safeguard pets’ safety. Our proprietary quality assurance protocols cover safety, nutritional analysis, product performance, structural integrity, inspecting for defects, monitoring expiry dates, and more. We stock samples from every product run dating back over 10 years, which aids enormously in quality control.

By taking these extra steps to guarantee quality and safety, pet parents can feel confident feeding our foods and giving our treats and toys knowing they meet the highest standards in the industry.

Giving Back

No pet gets left behind at Ryan’s Pet. We take our responsibility to improve animal welfare seriously by donating a portion of profits, products, and staff time to shelter and rescue organizations locally and abroad. Some groups we actively support through fundraising, awareness campaigns, staff volunteering, and product donations include:

Rescue Pals Network – An initiative we spearheaded that provides grants and assistance to grassroots animal rescue groups. Staff help coordinate adoption events, provide temporary fostering, assist with rehabilitation efforts for injured animals, and more.

Homeless Pet Rehabilitation Center – Their program takes in severely sick, injured and neglected animals with major rehabilitation and training needs prior to adoption. We cover vet care costs for animals in their recovery program and supply their training classes with treats and enrichment toys.

Sarasa Animal Sanctuary – This international no-kill shelter specializes in abused and abandoned exotic pets needing specialized care and lifetime homes, such as big cats, primates, tortoises and reptiles. We provide food, enrichment products, and operational funding.

See Spot Walk – An amazing local charity that provides mobility devices, physical rehab, and home modifications for dogs with permanent disabilities or injuries and senior pets. Our staff assists with fitting mobility harnesses and carts for dogs and we cover associated costs to help owners in financial need.

Community Spay/Neuter Clinics – We are passionate about promoting responsible pet ownership andadopt rather than shop philosophy. That’s why we partner with low-cost clinics providing accessible spay/neuter, vaccine and microchipping services in underserved areas to help control stray overpopulation.

Local Pet Pantries – To aid pet owners facing hard times, we coordinate frequent donations of our foods and basic essentials to pet food banks and support outreach providing temporary assistance so beloved pets can stay with their families.

The smiles of adopted animals in their forever homes, joyful pets thriving thanks to rehabilitation, and relieved pet owners who can keep their furry friends fed and healthy thanks to a helping hand make all our efforts worthwhile. We’ll never stop working to better the lives of animals in need!

What the Future Holds

Ryan’s Pet has come quite a long way from its humble beginnings of hand-making natural pet products on a kitchen stovetop! What started as a passion project between friends fueled by love of animals grew into a leading brand making a meaningful difference for pets worldwide.

Though we’ve expanded considerably over the past 15 years, our tight-knit culture andshared devotion to pets has only strengthened. We’ve scaled our capabilities yetnever quality when it comes to sourcing, manufacturing, and service. Our team has the expertise today to expand into innovative new products while upholding our lofty standards.

We can’t wait for what the future holds—more award-winning foods, breakthrough enrichment toys, expanded charitable initiatives, and remaining steadfast to our core belief of putting pets first above all else. As we add capabilities, facilities, technology and staff in the coming years, you can count on the heart of what makes Ryan’s Pet so special—our people and their contagious passion—to stay vibrant as ever.

Here’s to many more years of helping our furry customers live their very best lives! Please join us on this journey by shopping, engaging, sharing feedback and supporting our rescue efforts. With your help, we have the power to create positive change for animals who bring so much joy into our lives.

Woof woof and meow meow from our family to yours!